What is the secret to Sara Ali Khan’s fitness?

Sara Ali Khan had battled obesity in her childhood, weighed 96 kg as a teenager, and struggled with PCOD. However, she started her fitness journey early and kept at it regularly.

Initially, she started with cardio-heavy workouts like walking, cycling, and hitting the treadmill — so that she could lose the weight before entering the intermediate forms of exercise.

She works out for one-and-a-half hours daily. Apart from cardio, she also does a lot of Pilates to build a strong core now. Pilates has enabled her to gain strength that's not only helpful in looking good but also in boosting physical stamina.

A glass of warm water first thing in the morning, followed by idlis, egg whites, and bread toast for breakfast in the morning. The actor prefers homemade food like chapatis, dal, salad, fruits, and vegetables for lunch and dinner.

Khan regularly attends her boot camp training which incorporates CrossFit, Yoga, Martial Arts and Dance. Having been trained in the traditional dance form of Odissi, she really enjoys dancing and does it consistently.