What is Plyometric training? Benefits of plyometric exercises for speed and power

Plyometric training is a form of jump training that involves rebounding off the ground quickly. Bounding is performed on alternating legs and can be classed as ‘slow’ or ‘fast’ actions based on how quickly you rebound off the ground.

Slow plyometrics feel like you’re jumping with your muscles. These are the plyometrics that are going to be the best exercises for explosive leg power. You jump high or far and feel like the hulk when doing so.

Fast plyometrics feel like you're jumping with your ankles. You feel like you’re jumping on a pogo stick. These are going to be the best plyometric exercises for speed, teaching you how to be elastic when jumping and sprinting.

Speed and power training with plyometric exercises should probably find their way into gym workouts for many of us. Technically, the best exercise to improve speed would be sprinting itself.

Some of the benefits of plyometric training include increasing bone density, improving balance, increasing speed and power, improving change of direction ability and firing up your nervous system for lifting weights in the workout.