What are some ways to stay fit during the monsoon season?

Using space available around your home and working out is the best way to keep consistency. There will be days when we cannot go to the gym, but we should always have the scope to workout from home and keep the body in shape.

Playing indoor sports is also a great way to keep yourself motivated during this season and enjoy the workout. Sports like swimming, badminton, squash and more, require intensive strength and can be a great alternative to working out.

Staying hydrated during this season is equally important. Although it may not be as sunny as summer, but since there is a lot of humidity, the body loses a lot of water, which is to be replenished to avoid lightheadedness and fatigue.

Eating a well-balanced diet comprising home-cooked meals, whole fruits and vegetables is essential. We should stay away from empty calorie foods like bakery foods, fried foods, sweets, chocolates, sugary drinks etc which add only calories but no nutrition.