What are some health benefits of eating litchis in summer?

The majority of antioxidants found in litchis aid in scavenging dangerous free radicals from our body. These antioxidants also boost heart health and reduce the risk of diabetes and stress.

This is a fruit which is a fantastic natural immune system builder. Litchis are a great source of Vitamin C and help in supporting a healthier immune system.

The bioflavonoid rutin is one of the many polyphenols that are plentiful in litchis. Eating litchis or consuming litchi juice can help manage unusual bleeding caused by the rupture of the blood vessels.

Litchis are also a very rich source of minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, iron and many more that are necessary for strong bones. Consuming litchis regularly can strengthen your bones.

One of the most prevalent health issues- high blood pressure. We can naturally reduce our BP levels by including litchis in our diet. Potassium also present in sufficient quantities helps in preserving normal BP.