What are some habits that can make your summer mornings healthier?

Waking up to the morning sun can set our circadian rhythm right, balance hormones and optimise metabolism. Our bodies work in synchronisation with the light dark cycles of the Earth and exposing ourselves to the Sun can have a profound impact on our bodies.

The morning sunlight, especially the couple of hours after sunrise is considered the best time for Vitamin D synthesis. During this time, the sun's rays contain a higher concentration of UVB rays compared to UVA rays.

One of the best habits to practise in the morning is to drink a full glass of water and replenish the fluids in your body that it has lost overnight. It is even better if you fast for approximately 30 minutes after this.

Working out in the morning is also a great practice to follow. Getting ourselves to workout in the morning activates every cell in our body, energises them and thus affects the kind of information that the body passes to the brain in a positive way.

Practising yoga in the morning is also a great level to manage the stress levels in our body when we wake up in the morning. It helps in releasing more energy, affects our nervous system and experiences positive physiological changes.