What are some foods that you should avoid eating at breakfast?

It is a terrible health practice to feed the body and the gut with oil rich food first thing in the morning which keeps digestion levels slow throughout the day.

Fried Foods

Raw Vegetables

Having raw veggies for breakfast might not be such a good idea because they take time to digest and having them early in the morning can slow down digestion.

Energy Drinks

These do give a temporary surge in energy, but the tremendous amount of sugar it contains; to have it in the morning- does more harm than good.

Spicy Food

When it comes to taste and Indian households, we always turn to spicy foods to satisfy our taste but consuming it in the morning can affect the acidity levels in our body.

Cold Water

It is generally tough to stay away from cold water especially in this heat during summers. However, we should avoid drinking cold water in the morning as it disturbs the heat and energy levels of the body.