What are some exercises to reduce lower back pain?

We have to work our lower back and core muscles by bending the spine. It works effectively on the lower back and also relieves pain.

Cat Cow Pose

Pelvic Tilt

It is one of the most underrated exercises to get relief from chronic lower back pain. It is fairly simple and done by lifting the pelvis while lying on the floor upwards.


Easy to go, effective for all- planks are extremely good for easing lower back pain. Improving the time duration for which we can hold the pose also helps in relieving more pain.

Toe- Touches

Although there are many variations to do this, standing straight and bending down to touch the toes is the most common among them. It can also be done sitting and raising the feet to touch the toes.


General stretching loosens the muscles of the body- the hamstrings and more, and they get more flexible. The tightness of these muscle groups is one of the major reasons for lower back pain and stretching can reduce that.