Summer ready: Low calorie desserts to cool you down in this heat

A great way to cool down on hot summer days with refreshing watermelon and kiwi lollies. It is great for the family to enjoy, low in calories and full of vitamin C.

Watermelon lollipops

We can put everything except the fresh fruit in a food processor, blend and freeze it. While serving, it can go with the fresh tropical fruit and some passion fruit seeds over the top.

Tropical Fruit Yogurt

It is perfect for a hot day- a fruity, frozen snack that is low-fat and a great source of vitamin C. We just need to skewer the fruits onto wooden skewers and drizzle some fruit sauce on top.

Fruit sticks

We can use up ripe bananas in this easy frozen dessert with almond milk, peanut butter and cinnamon all blended together and frozen- a low-fat sweet treat.

Banana ice-cream 

One of the best English puddings, crafted by the master- Gordon Ramsay; it combines summer fruits to perfection by mixing different berries and then making the perfect soft pudding from it.

Berry pudding