International Boxing Association set to be suspended by the International Olympic Committee 

In a published report, IOC said that the recommendation to the Session after discussing a comprehensive report on the situation of the IBA. The report established that the IBA has failed to fulfill the conditions set by the IOC.

"Despite so many chances given to the IBA, including the roadmap 2021 to 2023, to address the various concerns with actual, effective evolution, the IBA failed to provide any concrete solution which would have allowed the lifting of its suspension," the report said.

IOC mentioned that the situation has become so serious that only banning the body is the option left to them. Boxing will keep its place in the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics in the interest of the boxing athletes and the sport of boxing.

IOC will handle the boxing during Paris 2024, as well as the qualification process for the sport for next year's Games, which will be run by the IOC, as was the case for Tokyo 2020.