How does Sylvester Stallone keep himself this fit at 75?

Rocky Balboa fans have long been in awe of Sylvester Stallone and his incredible physique.The 75-year-old movie legend revealed he'd found a new way of working out that he claims is the "hardest, toughest, most productive way of working out".

He wrote on Instagram: "I used to work out a lot with weights, and the check comes doing that. Your joints start to hurt, your back, knees - it just happens. Sometimes getting into that kind of s**t can kill you. So I've found a new way to work out."

Resistance bands are known to recruit the "stabiliser" muscles, which support the larger muscles and joints when the body moves. They can help reduce the risk of injury and are a safe and low-impact option for older people.

Bones and joints are a factor all older people should consider when exercising, as any jerky movement while carrying heavy weights can be hard on the joints.