How does consuming more and more sugar affect our body?

Excessive sugar consumption, especially in the form of sugar beverages, can lead to weight gain and obesity. It just offers more calories without any considerable nutritional benefit thus creating an imbalance and accumulating fat in the body.

A higher cause of developing Type 2 diabetes has been linked to greater consumption of sugar and sugary diets, Sugar overload can result in insulin resistance which increases sugar levels in the blood and thus the onset of diabetes.

Greater consumption of sugar has also been linked to an increased likelihood of developing heart diseases. It can elevate triglyceride levels, raise blood pressure and stimulate inflammation; all of which are risk factors for heart diseases.

High sugar consumption has also been linked to an increased risk of malignancies, including pancreatic, colorectal and breast cancer. Although it is not yet medically proven, symptoms lie around.

It is important to remember to consume sugar in moderation. It is also a good practice to eat unprocessed foods and keep a lookout if there are any added sugars if we buy any packaged food. Alternatives to sugar like honey and jaggery are also good in moderation.