Gym Anxiety: How can you overcome anxiety at the gym?

In the first place, we have to recognize that gym anxiety is real. Researchers have linked anxiety with intelligence, and while excessive worry isn’t helpful, a little means you care about the result and it can help you take precautions and exercise more safely.

It is also very important to be educated about the gym. One can easily take the edge off the gym anxiety by doing a little prep beforehand. If you don't know what a particular piece of equipment or machine does, have a quick research before you go.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to build muscle or lose a little weight, changing how your looks isn’t the way it works. Making intentions based on how you feel and what you want to achieve can help drive you further, for longer.

Social anxiety at the gym is real, and it’s totally normal to compare yourself to others. However, it can also increase anxiety and suck the joy out of exercise. While this is difficult to fight, comparison culture can have a positive side.

The ultimate antidote to gym anxiety is however finding like-minded people you connect with. Groups are made up of different people, increasing the chance that you’ll find someone you feel comfortable with and help you overcome that anxiety.