Arnold Schwarzenegger shares some fitness tips for beginners

Schwarzenegger suggested starting small by going on a 30-minute walk. For those who walk all day but wish to gain more strength, try doing five push-ups and then five squats. Then, go down to four push-ups and four squats, he suggested.

The action star explained that keeping your momentum is one of the most important parts of a beginner’s fitness journey – which is why Schwarzenegger said he “encourages everyone to set goals they can achieve when they’re just starting out.”

He also mentioned how he used to track every one of his workouts, adding: “I used a chalkboard in the gym and marked off my reps. I wrote it down ahead of time and then marked off each set as I finished. You can use your phone for this or music – but nothing else! – in the gym.”

For those who are just starting out in their fitness journeys, Schwarzenegger recommended implementing protein into their diet, especially for those trying to gain weight and muscle.

Schwarzenegger is a major proponent of staying unplugged during a workout. He often shared that he doesn’t “like when I see people on their phones” at the gym. He pointed out a study which suggested that using your phone before exercise may reduce your strength by nearly 30 per cent.